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Nuku’alofa – August 19, 2019: 7.15am (Nuku’alofa Times): Tonga Police will continue to work with stakeholders on addressing youth issues in the Kingdom.

Sergeant Penisimani Sili, head of the Tonga Police Community Assurance Group, says Tonga Police recognises the importance of addressing concerns and issues relating to young people, especially the challenges around Illicit Drugs.

Sgt Sili made the comments on Wednesday, August 14 in Nuku’alofa during the Tonga Youth Open Day celebration at the Digicel Square.

The Tonga Police Community Assurance Group is responsible for this Outreach program.

Youths, guests and members of the Tonga Police Force at the Open Day. Photo: TPF Media

“We must reach out and educate our young people before they come into contact with drugs, and the harm and negative effects it will have on their future,” Sgt Sili said.

The Open Day for Youth was coordinated by the Tonga National Youth Congress, the Ministry of Internal Affair’s Youth Division and the Tonga Police Community Assurance Group as part of the celebration of the Tonga National Youth Week.

The International Youth Day Theme for this year was ‘Transforming Education’.

Sgt Sili said this was in line with the priorities of the Police Commissioner that Tonga Police refocus on a Community Policing approach and strengthen its community links through young people working with young people, the Churches, schools, NGO’s and the community.

In addition to working with Youth, the Police Community Assurance Group has strengthened the relationship with the Community Patrol Volunteers through refresher training, resourcing and joint operational activities.

The Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit, Professional Standards Unit, Detector Dog Unit and the Tonga Police Band put together a Police display during the Open Day.

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