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Suva, FIJI – September 1, 2020: 11:16am (RNZ PACIFIC): A survey in Fiji has revealed that almost half of the workers on reduced income due to Covid-19 are earning 30 percent less compared to pre-pandemic levels.

The Fiji Trades Union Congress Rapid Assessment Survey said that based on the minimum wage rate and 30 percent reduced income, an average worker on reduced hours was taking home $US35 a week.

The report also found that based on the Fiji Household Income and Expenditure (2008-2009), the basic needs poverty line moved from $US68 in 2003 to $US88 in 2009.

But for this year, the survey estimated that an urban family of four would need a minimum of $US123 per week.

However the report said the take-home pay of majority of workers on a reduced income was 70 percent below the 2020 estimated basic needs poverty line.

The survey also highlighted that 86 percent of workers who had not been made redundant or whose contracts had not been terminated, are on leave without pay and reduced income.

It said this indicated that union members were unable to negotiate with their employers.

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