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Saipan, CNMI – September 30, 2020: 3:02pm (RNZ PACIFIC): Food benefits are to be slashed by 25 percent in the Northern Marianas and others will no longer be eligible for food stamps at a time when thousands are out of work due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The comes after the islands’ Nutrition Assistance Program announced it would reduce income eligibility standards and maximum benefits due lack of funding.

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NAP was expected to slash the number of households from receiving benefits from 5,300 to a maximum of 4,500 across the CNMI.

Under the new eligibility standards, the income eligibility of a family of five would also be reduced from a gross income of $US2,515 to $US1,886.

For households who are currently certified beyond September, once October comes and their income is above the new standards, they will automatically receive a letter terminating their benefits.

Households that remain eligible will also receive letters of a reduction in their monthly benefits.

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