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Nuku’alofa – November 18, 2020: 1.15pm (Nuku’alofa Times): What does the future hold for Tonga Rugby?

That is anyone’s guess.

But the lifeline has been thrown to us and the ball is in our court.

Tonga Rugby now needs to move away from all the lacklustre management style and politics.

It now needs to abide by the rules and play the game right.

The fact that there is now a Joint Management Committee and an independent chairman appointed by World Rugby should see some positives as we move forward.

A Chief Executive Officer needs to be appointed.

That CEO will then be tasked with ensuring that we follow the rule book and put our house in order again.

A proper plan needs to be put in place, which should include development of grassroots rugby from primary school up to the national level.

Local competition needs to be revamped.

A clear pathway needs to be identified for everyone – players and officials.

We have to start with a clean slate once again.

And ensure that when the Joint Management Team exits there is a system and policy steadily placed for everyone to follow.

This is our chance Tonga.

Let us not ruin it for the sake of the game that is played in heaven and loved by everyone!

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