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SUVA, FIJI –  FEBRUARY 26, 2021: 1:32 PM (FBC NEWS) : The Fijian Elections Office says it’s not advisable to allow Fijians to cast their votes in any polling station.

Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem said this would be costly and can also result in low voter turn up.

Saneem said all registered voters have Voter Identification Cards that clearly outlines their polling station.

Responding to questions from the Parliament Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights, Saneem highlighted they will work to ensure that ballot papers are more than enough at all polling stations.

“You will have a huge line up to vote, not all voters may be able to vote that day. Whilst voters now have the opportunity to vote anywhere, they might turn around and go back home because the queue is so long.”

Saneem says only 650 voters are eligible to vote in one particular polling station.

Meanwhile, the Fijians Elections Office will have a polling venue in Suva for overseas voters in the 2022 General Election.

Electoral Commission Chair Suresh Chandra said this would be for voters who are registered overseas but are physically present in Fiji during elections period.

“The introduction of this provision allows the FEO to facilitate franchise for voters who may have travel to Fiji after the issue of writ to able to vote.”

Chandra said this would allow all eligible Fijians to vote and no one will miss out.

The polling stations for overseas voters will most likely be stationed at the Suva Civic Centre.


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