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Nuku’alofa – May 25, 2021: 7.55pm (Nuku’alofa Times): Japan handed over more assistance to the Ministry of Health here in Nuku’alofa o May 19.

Ambassador Munenaga Kensaku  handed over Japan’s Non-Project Grant Assistance, NPGA, for provision of anti-COVID-19 medical equipment to the Health Minister, Hon. Associate Professor ‘Amelia Afuha’amango Tu’ipulotu.

The NPGA anti-COVID-19 medical equipment is the first batch of the assistance approved last year for Tonga. The assistance aims to strengthen both the ministry’s countermeasures and basic medical system in order to tackle various diseases with high quality medical equipment made in Japan.

Mr Kensaku expressed his sincere respect to the front liners of Tonga who are working hard in protecting the people from COVID-19.

“I hope the medical equipment would improve Tonga’s border control and reduce the burden on the frontliners. I know that since last July, they have been working hard on people repatriated back to Tonga.”

One of the Negative Pressure Booths donated through Japan’s NPGA viewed during the handover on Wednesday, 19

The amount of this first batch is approximately US$110,000, which is out of the total sum of US$1.5 million.

The batch includes 4 Infant incubators, 4 Negative Pressure Booths, and 3 Thermography Cameras.

The Ambassador said 5 vehicles and a boat will be provided for Tonga, through Japan’s $9million US dollars emergency grant assistance channeled through UNICEF for antiCOVID-19 to Pacific Islands.

Hon Dr. ‘Amelia conveyed the Government of Tonga’s sincere thanks to the Government of Japan for the equipment.

She said Japan’s NPGA reached the vulnerable population of Tonga and reaffirmed her ministry’s commitment to reach universal health coverage. She was pleased with the thermography cameras which will be installed at the International Fua’amotu Airport and also at Lupepau’u Aiport, Vava’u islands.

Japan’s NPGA intends to support developing countries by promoting its economic and social development efforts, and Tonga’s Ministry of Health has been a recipient for many years

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