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Nuku’alofa – September 15, 2021: 12.35pm (Nuku’alofa Times): There is no repatriation flights this month.

That has been confirmed by the National Emergency Management Committee (NEMC).

Chief Executive Officer Paula Ma’u said both New Zealand and Australia have positive COVID-19 cases, thus the decision to cancel flights from the two countries.

Fiji also has positive cases and there will be no flights from there as well.

The committee is looking at having the flights next month – October.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health has confirmed that a total of  45,879 have been vaccinated with their first doses of vaccines.

Those who have have received double doses are around 27,458.

Ha’apai has reached 72% of its target for first dose vaccinations having 2,795 people vaccinated.

The Ministry was pleased with the results and the willingness of the people of Ha’apai to work together with the Ministry’s vaccination team.

Concerns have been raised also because there are currently 1,304 people who are overdue (>12 weeks) for their second dose.

A total of 1,984 (97%) of frontliners have received their second dose (airport staff, fire service, HMAF, Ministry of Health, Police and seaport staff).

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