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Nuku’alofa – September 28, 2021: 1.30pm (Nuku’alofa Times):  The Fanga-‘o-Pilolevu Rugby Club launched and hosted a new initiative to encourage more teenage rugby league players into the sport, with Spare Parts Zone assisting them financially.

Competition was held in the Under-14s and Under-16s grades.

The event is part of the youth development program, aimed at helping improve their talents in rugby league.

The tournament is being held at the ‘Apifo’ou College field in Ma’ufanga, with the opening round of matches held on Saturday, September 25.

Action from the Fanga vs Lapaha junior rugby league team clash last Saturday. Lapaha won this match. Photo: Tevita Siliva/Nuku’alofa Times

Four teams are competing in this tournament.

These are Ha’akame Broncos, Lapaha, St Andrew High School and Fanga. This four-team round-robin tournament will have its second round on Saturday, October 9.

The opening game on Saturday was a thriller between Fanga and Lapaha.

Fanga’s plan was to attack with the ball in hand, making full use of their new and young talented players. However, Lapaha scored two tries to win the game 8-4 at fulltime.

NRL in Tonga is assisting by providing gears and jerseys for the teams, while the main sole sponsor – Mohammed Razak and his company Spare Parts Zone are providing finances.

Junior rugby league action at Ma’ufanga last Saturday. Photo: Tevita Siliva/Nuku’alofa Times

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