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Nuku’alofa – October 6, 2021: 2.30pm (Nuku’alofa Times): Visitors are flocking into the Tonga Pavilion at the Dubai Expo 2020 interested to view the Ocean display and handicraft that are on display to the world at the event.
Staff Florida Afeaki said from Dubai in an update that “a lot of visitors were interested in the ocean phase”.
Plastic bottles surround a whale as part of the display inside the Tonga Pavilion at the Dubai Expo 2020, depicting the challenge we all face with plastic litter in our oceans in Tonga and the Pacific. Photo: Supplied

“They liked colouring the sea creatures and scanning them onto our wall.

“They also enjoy listening to the Tongan mythical stories we have like the story of Hina and the Eel and how Tonga was created.
“In the last few days we have on average 100 people come through the Pavilion. They are mostly curious about where Tonga is located, how to get there, the language and food, what potential investment opportunities are there and what fun things can they do while visiting.
“They also enjoy taking pictures of the whale surrounded by the bottles. It is a visual representation of the problem of plastic pollution in our ocean and it gets the message across to recycle or see the consequences.”
She said that another point of interest has been the handicraft displays.
Part of the Ocean display inside the Tonga pavilion. Photo: Supplied
“We have been getting a lot of interest in the handicrafts too. Especially the fans. They are intrigued by the designs and material used,” she added.
“We have been getting good feedback from visitors. They love the rainforest, the stories but the coloring and scan area remains most popular.”
The Tonga Pavilion is one of over 100 country pavilions at the expo.
* Nuku’alofa Times is updating news from the Tonga Pavilion daily with the assistance of Team Tonga on the ground there in Dubai

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