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Nuku’alofa – July 27, 2022: 9am (Nuku’alofa Times): Tonga Police yesterday welcomed the newest members to its team and the Tonga Police family.

The ‘Lord Fielakepa Recruit Wing’, comprising 18 males and 17 females, became the 50th intake of police recruitment.

The occasion, which marks the commencement of their initial training at the Tonga Police College to become police officers, was attended by the Commissioner of Police Shane McLennan, who was the Guest of Honour, Senior Executives, members of Tonga Police staff, and families and friends of the new recruit members.

Recruit Wing 50’s Patron is Lord Fielakepa. A Wing Patron is a prominent member of the community who is a role model that the Wing could look up to for inspiration.

Commissioner McLennan in his keynote address acknowledged Lord Fielakepa (who is currently overseas on official duties) for accepting the offer to become Recruit Wing 50’s Patron.

“Lord Fielakepa was chosen because not only he was a former Acting Commissioner of Police for over a year from April 2021 to May 2022, but he is also a Noble of the Realm, and is the Chief of Defence Staff of His Majesty’s Armed Forces, a great inspiration and leader,” he said.

Commissioner McLennan went on to acknowledge the parents and families of the new recruits, thanking them for allowing their sons and daughters to join Tonga Police, and how crucial their ongoing support would be for their children who have accepted their calling to become police officers.

He reminded the new recruits that they are entering into a career that is not easy. “Policing is not easy; it has challenges including risks to life. Helping to keep your families and communities safe, may be the best reward you will get.”

Commissioner McLennan concluded his remarks by laying emphasis on his ‘five points of focus’, designed to give focus and provide direction and meaning to what we do in Tonga Police. They include: One Team Same Team, Support the frontline, Be one with the community, Value our stakeholder relationships, and Connect with the Pacific.

The training of new police officers is in two phases, a 6month residential phase and an 18month field phase.

During the residential phase, the recruits carry out classroombased learning in addition to building of their physical fitness. They then go out and complete workplace attachment during the field phase where they would apply the knowledge they have learned during the residential phase.

Upon completion of their 2year probationary period, all graduates will receive a Diploma in General Policing and would then be qualified to confirm as a Police Constable within the Tonga Police.
Recruitment Training is delivered by the Tonga Police College Trainers and supported by specialist experts internally and externally.

The Tonga Police College is a Registered PostCompulsory Education and Training Provider, committed to training and developing police officers and members of the Tonga Police in order to maintain Tonga Police services at a highly accountable and professional level.

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